Window Grille Fasteners

Window Grille Fastener Options

**Not all options are available with all grilles.

3M™ Dual Lock™

3M™ Dual Lock™ tabs are available for use with surround, non-surround, wood and aluminum grilles.  Pre-cut interlocking tabs are applied by sticking tabs to the grille and glass.  Specially designed mushroom heads keep the grille in place.

   dual-lock.jpg  duallock.jpg  

Concealed Clips

Concealed clips are metal clips that insert between the glass and the window casing and reveal a tension-mount clip designed to receive the surround profile of a full-surround grille.  The clips are completely concealed from view once the grille is installed.  Concealed clips are only available for full-surround grilles.  The proper clip will be provided based on teh surround profile chosen.

   concealedclips.jpg concealed-clips.jpg

Double-Sided Tape (Gray)

Double-sided tape is available for use on SDL (Simulated Divided Lite) grilles.  Tape is pre-applied to grilles, then the grille is applied directly to the glass.


Push Pins and Grommets

Push pins and grommets are a fastening system that can only be used when the grille type selected has a full-surround frame.  Grommets are pre-drilled and installed into the surround perimeter at the factory. The push pins fit through the grommets, and the grille is secured by pushing the pins into the window sash.

    push-pins-grommets.jpg pushpinsgrommets.jpg  

Slide Pins

A Slide pin is a Winged, "I"-Shaped piece of plastic with a 1/2" pin protruding from one side.  Slide pins travel in channels that are pre-cut into the ends of each grille bar.  The pin is pushed into the window sash to secure the grille.  Slide pins are only used with non-surround wood grilles.

slidepins.jpg   slide-pins.jpg  slide-pin-grille-end.jpg

Replacement fasteners are available for individual purchase.  Please contact us for more details.